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Our extensive range of products includes simple-to-use handheld thermometers, pressure meters and dataloggers through to our state-of-the-art wireless temperature monitoring solution – helping customers to meet safety requirements and manage their HACCP programme.

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Digitron’s range of handheld digital manometers are easy to operate, reliable and built to meet the performance and cost demands of today’s industrial and HVAC professionals.

Gas detection units for both residential and commercial units designed with the HVAC engineer in mind.

In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Digitron has developed a wide range of handheld digital thermometers.

A range of single and multi-channel data loggers for high temperature profiling are available from Digitron for various applications in harsh conditions.

The monitoring of environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, is recognised as a key element of modern quality assurance programmes. These conditions and variable measurement parameters can be met with Digitron’s range of portable data loggers.

CheckitDigitron understands the challenges that face businesses in food-related industries with the need to produce quality food at competitive prices whilst ensuring compliance with increasingly complex, time-consuming food safety regulations.

Our revolutionary wireless sensor technology helps you streamline your FSMS with simple, automated food safety monitoring – saving you time, driving profitability and delivering maximum protection for food standards and quality.

Wireless food safety temperature monitoring - HACCP compliance

Checkit – smart wireless food safety monitoring

Checkit provides the complete wireless monitoring solution for cold storage, food and hygiene checks. Intelligent sensor technology and automated monitoring means fewer manual checks, no more pen and paper-based reports and instant wireless alerts for critical food safety related issues. And once it’s recorded, you can go back to your data months or years later for HACCP peace of mind.

Find out how Checkit can maximise food safety protection and HACCP compliance.

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