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In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Digitron has developed a wide range of handheld digital thermometers.

Infrared thermometers are the most cost-efficient way of measuring temperature in the food industry. Readings are instant, saving hours of operator time each week. Furthermore, packaging and food is kept intact as the readings are taken.

When used in conjunction with a conventional probe thermometer, IR thermometers help general food safety system surveillance by allowing the user to scan numerous food temperatures quickly. There is no faster way to monitor food temperature in your daily HACCP routine. Temperatures can be taken of food with a low thermal mass eg. salad leaves or sliced meats. It also allows for non-destructive measurement, reduces waste and damage to packaging and overall are quick and easy to use!

The DRT 880 is a multi feature Relative Humidity Meter is quick and easy to use, as well as being accurate.

In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Digitron developed the 2000 series of hand-held digital thermometers. Models available range from simple on, off and hold versions to instruments with advanced measurement and datalogging functions across a range of sensor types.

The 2100 series, an evolutionary advance on the 2000 range have a rugged ergonomic, waterproof construction, Lumberg connector and are specifically designed to meet the harsh conditions of today’s food industry. Used in conjunction with Thermistor and Thermocouple probes measurement accuracies are well within those specified in the Food Temperature control Regulations (1995).

The Digimate series provides low-cost, accurate food thermometers for use in catering and food processing environments.

The range includes the FM10, a pocket sized Digital thermometer which features a quick reference core temperature and large LCD display which allows temperatures to be viewed quickly and easily. The FM35 hand-held thermometer features a protective rubber boot and detachable probe making it ideal for use in the kitchen. Complementing the series are the FM15 Oven Thermometer and FM25 Wireless Thermometer which allow you to view internal food temperatures without opening your oven or refrigerator doors!

Digitron offers a range of accessories to compliment our instruments for ease of handling, storage, hygiene and protection.


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