iMini Plus Dry Ice

Product code: MP-OE-N-8-L

The iMini Plus Dry Ice Logger is capable of measuring and recording extreme temperatures from -100°C to 40°C.

It is the ideal solution for ensuring safe transport and storage of perishables held in dry ice, ranging from pharmaceuticals, biologicals, human/animal tissue, clinical trials, enzymes, serums and/or food and beverage, among others.


  • Temperature range of -100°C to 40°C (-148°F to 104°F)
  • 1 meter Teflon cable connects stainless steel temperature probe to the data logger
  • Start & stop button on the face of the unit
  • Bookmarking capabilities
  • Large LCD Display with multifunctional viewing
  • Large memory capacity; 8048 readings
  • Available as a single trip or multi-use unit