ThermaPro Dataloggers

ThermaPro 2 is the latest generation of high accuracy data logging instruments for use in extreme or harsh environments. Suitable for applications where recording of temperature is critical to the maintenance of product quality. This data logger is ideal for use within the food industry where process profiling is crucial to production efficiency and energy use optimization. Thermapro 2 is user-configurable for any number of inputs from 1 to 16. Channels will accept input type K/T/N/J/E thermocouples, or from a 0 -100mV source. On each model, channels can be configured as a 4, 8 or 16 channel with all channels working independently. Models with 4 or 8 channels can be upgraded to 16 with an additional fee.

Key features:

Slim-line design for ease of use in ovens/chillers

Over 14,000 samples each when all 16 channels are in use

Over 130,000 samples when one channel is in use

Temperature measurement range -200°C to +1200°C (depends on thermocouple type)

Data security

Range of thermal barriers

Oven temperature range -90°C to +350°C (depends on thermal barrier)

Probe disconnection detection

User configurable software benefits: Monitor process efficiency, diagnose problems, develop new processes, improve quality, calculation of P/Fo/Fh/C values for sterilization compliance, exportable recorded data, range of specific product probe designs, full range of edit functions and printing facilities, graph form with max and min guidelines with annotation text box.

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